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留言人:Hieu 留言时间:2013-11-12 17:35:29
内容:I would like to buy Glass Mosaic from yours can you please offer me the quotation for some kinds of Glass Mosaic to the email about. Thanks Hieu
回复:Thank you Mr Hieu I will email you right away,thanks!Nesta
留言人:Sandra Giannotti 留言时间:2012-10-29 01:44:18
内容:I would like to find out pricing on several items please.. Thank you Sandra
回复:Thank you very much Sandra for your interests in our products. Could you please let me know what kind of tiles that you are interested? that would be great if you could let me know some details.thanks
留言人:Justin Larose 留言时间:2012-09-09 13:32:36
内容:Looking to place a initial order with you inyterested in ordering 14 different products please email me with a prielist Thanks
回复:Thanks for your interest,i will send you an email.
留言人:Kandi 留言时间:2012-08-24 13:21:26
内容:this looks wonderful as alawys i am sure there is a deep philosphical thinking moving in this work; am waiting to hear what you say--since last time you blew me away with the ideas of permanence and flowers cycles. Have a sense there is a similiar theme somewhat... the lotus image its symbol great work.. .how is it to imagine the depth and the long underwater sense of these pieces while you hold them?
回复:Dear Sir, What can i do for you?
留言人:gautam 留言时间:2012-06-06 17:55:36
内容:i want more design in mix of stoneglaselectroplate
回复:Dear Sir/ Madam Could you please leave me your email address?Thank you my email address is
留言人:Bonner 留言时间:2011-12-10 04:32:42
内容:Hey sblute must be your middle name. Great post!
回复:Hello Sir Can i help you?
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