Mosaic Tiles In Modern House

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Stone mosaic tile bathroom is a key constituent of any modern house. Bathroom floors and tiles can be built with any types of building stones like marble stones, mosaic marbles, mosaic glass tiles, sandstones, limestones and granites. But due to crystal layers, solid surfaces and multiple natural colours, marbles made bathrooms brings long lasting excellence and glaziness in any house.

Use of mosaic bathroom is also prevalent in commercial setups like hotels, restaurants, guest rooms, conference halls etc. There are many types of mosaic tiles available in the market.

Plain Marble Tiles:- Its available in plain natural colours. It is cut into different sizes by the marble companies. The popular colours of general marble tiles available in the markets are white, black, pink, blue and brown. Plain marbles are generally applied on the bathroom floor.

Mosaic marble tiles:- Its carries some artistic designs on the marble surfaces. The mosaic designs are the polished designs made by the marble companies. The mosaic designs may be anything i.e., from simple animation, natural scenes, flowers to human pictures. The mosaic designs on the marble stones certainly bring more colorfulness in the house. Mosaics marbles are cut into different pieces, which suits for the various sized bathrooms. The mosaic marbles find wide scale use on the walls and shelve of the bathroom.

Laying down marble tiles in the mosaic bathroom is also a time consuming work unlike the traditionally made bathroom. You should hire an experienced building contractor, who is fully conversant with the laying down procedure of marble tiles. First, your contractor will take measurement of your bathroom. Then he will tell you about the number of marble pieces required. The actual pieces of marble tiles required in the bathroom will also depend on your decision of fully or partially marble covering your bathroom. Next, you should visit the nearest marble shops in your area for buying of onyx stones according to your tastes, choices, bathroom requirement and prices of the marbles.

The marble floor, walls and shelves of your bathroom also require regular upkeep. It should be polished on periodical time frames for maintaining the shininess of the bathroom. You should also never use detergent powders for cleaning and washing off the bathroom floor and walls. As this may result stains on the floor and walls surfaces. Heavy items should also not be kept inside the bathroom. Because this may result cracking of marble tiles, people should always apply cleaning agents on the marble surface.

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