Travertine Mosaic Ideas For You Design

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Travertine mosaiccomes in various sizes and finishes. It is very affordable, beautiful and durable when it is looked after properly. If some simple design procedures are followed, even the cheapest and most varied stone can transform the dullest place into a beauty.


First of all, blending is the most important factor in successful design. Because of the nature of the stone, travertine tiles cannot be in the same shade. Each tile has its own characteristics. Although selection processes are involved at the factories; there will always be different colours and veins within the tiles. Therefore, before applying the adhesives and laying the tiles, it is strongly recommended to blend all the tiles to see the imperfections in the colouring. In this way, odd looking tiles will be either used for cuts and corners or in the hidden places of the room.


We also recommend using borders or mosaics either on the floors or walls depending on the application. Most of the time, it is easy to find compatible borders with your tile, however if this is not the case, travertine mosaics can be used instead of border tiles as mosaics come in mesh mounted sheets. When you cut 2-3 rows of mosaics and use them as borders along the tile, it will give a stunning look. Also in many cases, using mosaic tiles instead of borders are more cost effective.


If you like a tile in a shop, you can look for different sizes of the same material to create different patterns. For example many tumbled travertine tiles come in 30 x 30 cm or more sizes. You can use these various sizes to have nice effects in your room.


You can also try using contrast colours in your project. As it is known, travertine tiles come in different colours such as yellow, white, beige, walnut etc. White tumbled travertine (popular name is classic light travertine) and dark brown tumbled travertine (popular name is noce travertine) can be used in the same room along with different sizes and mosaics. Probably the best example for contrast colours is checker boards. These checker boards can be done by using black and white polished tiles or tumbled marble mosaic tile. Unfortunately checker boards are only available in marble as there is no black coloured travertine in the market.


Finally, fix the tiles by following the installation guidelines and maintain them properly. In the end you will end up with a fabulous, completely new place. Every penny you spent will be worth it.

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